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New!  Vicky's Outfits Got You Hot?  After receiving Numerous Requests, Vicky has decided to make her Outfits worn in Her Shoots available for Purchase.  This is strictly between You and Vicky and You can talk with her directly via her Email Link Below...

 Vicky's email  

Vicky will Respond to Your Individual Requests and if the Clothing is Still Available You'll be able to work out the arrangements with Her.  Don't wait too long if there's something in particular you're interested in. 

We've posted a picture from each of Vicky's photo shoots.  Since you're in the Preview Area and your age hasn't been verified by the Join process, these pictures have been censored (believe it or not, the censored "spots" are only as large as they need to be to cover the "good" parts;-)  and they have been resized to cut down on bandwidth usage.  In the Members Area the pictures are uncensored, featuring Vicky in all her splendid glory and they are larger in size.  There are over 1000 Very Hot Pictures of Vicky in the Member's Area.  Following the pictures is the Actual Text from Vicky's Opening Page.  Here's the Sample Pictures...  We know you're going to love them;-)

We've including MPEG Clips in Vicky's Later Shoots.  You'll find the MPEG Clips at the bottom of the thumbnails in the Member's Section.  A word of caution, they're MPEG 1, which should work on any platform, but the file sizes are enormous.  The Clips are approximately 2 MB's per 10 seconds.  We opted to go with 30 frames per second and 352x240, which is about the best quality you're going to get from an MPEG.  When you click on the MPEG link, it should launch Microsoft's Multimedia Player, if you're on a Window's Platform.  It may prompt you for your username / password again, type it in and if it fails, click a 2nd time and it should run fine.  If it doesn't, try Right Clicking on it and choose Save Target As, to save it to your local disk and you can play it from there.  We have no idea what Mac OS or UNIX or WebTV uses to display MPEGs.  The lightings kind of dark in the 1st Clip and there's not much for sound, but they'll get better with each shoot.  Hope you enjoy... and please let us know if you like it!

Set 18...  January, 2001.
Vicky... In Red... Her Favorite Color...
50 Pics & 3 of Her Best Yet MPEG Clips
Wait until you see Her Last Clip...
It's Her Longest & Her Best Yet!

Set 17...  December, 2000.
Vicky in Her Aqua Baby Doll
55 Pics & 3 Superb MPEG Clips
which include some Smoking Footage
& some Great Closeup Footage

Set 16...  November, 2000.
My School Girl Series, as Requested!
75 Pics & 3 Delightful MPEG Clips...
Take a look & see how bad a girl I can be:-)

Set 15...  October, 2000.
2 Series of Pics & Clips!
Series 1 features Vicky Solo...
50 Pics & 2 Steamy MPEG Clips!
Series 2 features Vicky Playing with Tanya...
65 Pics & 2 Incredibly Erotic MPEG Clips!

Set 14...  September, 2000.
60 Pics of Vicky in White Lace!
Her September Series contains
3 Very Hot MPEG Clips!

Set 13...  August, 2000.
More Great Pics of Vicky!
Her August Series contains
3 MPEG Clips taken during the Shoot!

Set 12... July, 2000.
Her Best Set Yet!
This Series really shows what makes
Vicky a Very Special Girl!
There are 100 Pics in this Series,
Plus 3 MPEG Clips from the Shoot!

Set 11... June, 2000.
Do you like Sheer Panties?
If you do, you're going to Love This Series.
It Includes a Very Hot MPEG of the Shoot...

Set 10... May, 2000.
A Wonderful New Selection of Vicky's Pics
in a Very Sexy Lace Body Suit...

Set 9...  Mid April, 2000.
The conclusion of Mistress Vicky's April Shoot.
You'll find some Great Close-Ups in these Pics!

Set 8...  April, 2000.
Let's just call this Mistress Vicky's Photo Shoot...
Starting with this Set we'll be putting up an
MPEG Clip of each of Vicky's Photo Shoots!
This session went so well that there will be another
50 pics from the shoot going up in Mid April...

Set 7...  March, 2000.
In the Office.  Taking a break from working on the site.
Sorry it took so long to get my March Pics up, but the 1st
Photo Shoot came our really bad.  Hope you like these!

Set 6...  Mid February, 2000.
The conclusion of her January 17, 2000 shoot.

Set 5... February, 2000.
Her Valentine's Series!

Set 4... Mid January, 2000.

Set 3... January, 2000.
Vicky's Pics - Set Three - January 1, 2000...  Nothing like a smoke between shots... Doesn't she look ravishing!

Set 2... Mid December, 1999.
Vicky's Pics - Set Two - December 15, 1999...  Quite and improvement over the 1st set... and they'll keep getting better!

Set 1... December, 1999.
Vicky's Pics - Set One - December 1, 1999...  There's quite the surprise behind the black spot!


My partner and a local Boston Girl, you'll find Over 1000 of Vicky's Erotic Pics and Her Explicit MPEG's Inside the Member's Area!

She has a large base of fans from our U R Not Alone site and you won't find pictures like this anywhere else!  All Vicky's pictures were taken personally by me (Jon ).  Her 1st set of pictures, for the month of December, were taken using a digital camera, an Epson PhotoPC 600, a decent, but not great camera, so the picture quality isn't quite as good as the pictures of the girls in our "This months T*" section (their pictures are taken by a photographer using a traditional 35mm camera and then scanned, cropped and sized), but I think you'll be very pleased... after all, they are pictures of Vicky.  Vicky's 2nd set of pictures, which were put online on December 15th and her new sets online from January 1, 2000, on, are taken with our new Sony DSC-D700, a much better digital camera, whose picture quality is as good as pictures taken using a traditional 35mm camera and then scanned.  I think you'll agree when you look at the later sets of her  pictures!

Just a note, Vicky's pics are posted in reverse order... newest one's first... to make navigation quicker for those of you who've seen her earlier series;-)

You can contact Vicky via Vicky's email .