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TS Lover - Bonus Shoots!

Beginning in September, 2001 we've added this section for Our Bonus Shoots.  Initially these Shoots will feature 2 TGirls Together & will be displayed in Installments.  Here's just a few teaser's of some of the pics you'll find in this section.  Since you're age hasn't been validated by Joining, these versions of the pictures are censored, (for legal reasons), and they've been resized to cut down on bandwidth useage.  They are not censored or resized in the Members Area!  The pictures are censored to cover the something extra that makes these Girls special and they're only as large as they need to be.  There's some Really Hot Action Pics & Clips in this section of the site.  Here's a sample picture from each of Our Bonus Shoots...


Jessica & Shakirah...
September, 2001
Installment #1
110 Pics & 1 Video Clip!
Installment #1 from Jessica & Shakirah's Shoot, consists of 110 Pics & a Video Clip!
Jessica & Shakirah...
October, 2001
Installment #2
100 Pics & 2 Video Clips!
Jessica & Shakirah...
November, 2001
Installment #3
90 Pics & 3 Video Clips!
Kenya & Maya...
December, 2001
Installment #1
110 Pics & 2 Video Clips!