Who put this site together, anyway... and why... and how?



TS Lover is a 2 Person Operation.  It is built, designed and run soley by Vicky and I (Jon).  We are Partners in Life and Partners in TS Lover.  If your taste is similar to Ours, you're going to Love This Site.  Here's some details on who does what, what we use to do it and a little bit of insight into why we do it...

The building of the pages and the site design is done by me, Jon.  I also personally photograph Vicky for all of her shoots and all of the T* of the Month Girls, with the exception of a few of the early Girls when we used a photographer.  I Crop, Size, Adjust the Lighting and do all the editing on the Images and Clips you'll find on the site.

Vicky has had quite a bit of input into the overall look and feel of the site and a New Series of Vicky's Pics & Clips is featured each month...  Vicky also puts together all the Sets for Our T* of the Month Shoots and Her Own Shoots.  

Some of you might know us from U R Not Alone, the free, non-adult site, featuring links to T*S the world over.  If you've never been there, please stop by and take a look around.  It's a great place for Girls to meet other Girls, Admirer's searching for their Dream Girl and just a great jumping off point to other T* Sites all over the world.

A little about myself...  I've been attracted to T* Girls for as long as I can remember and the T* World is a large part of my life (you can find me most Friday or Saturday nights at Jacques Cabaret, in Bay Village, behind the Radisson Hotel in Park Square, Boston.  You might say It's my second home on weekends:-).  The girls you'll see on these pages are girls I've met myself and girls that I personally find attractive.  I know everyone's taste is not the same, but I hope there's enough people out there with taste similar to mine, to keep this site going.


Why is this site here?  

This site came about for a variety of reasons, some of which I'll list...

     - We wanted a site featuring the 'Typical T* Girl',  Girls you might meet at your Local 'T* Bar' or via their pages on the Web.
     - We've had many requests, from patrons of U R Not Alone, to do a site of a more Adult Nature.
     - We've received many pictures of an Adult Nature for posting on U R Not Alone and needed an appropriate place for them.
     - Vicky has received numerous requests for more revealing pictures of herself, not appropriate for U R Not Alone.
     - Last, but certainly not least... I love T*S!  If you're going to work hard on something...  it should be something you enjoy;-)

Why is this site a pay site?  

It costs us money and we hope to make a little money by supplying quality, original T* material...

     - The models don't pose for free (we pay them generously).
     - The lingerie the models wear comes from Victoria's Secret and / or Frederick's of Hollywood, it costs money and the models keep the lingerie.
     - Tanya is an Expensive, but Oh So Sexy, feature on the site.  Stop by Abyss and see the details on Tanya's Origins.
     - It takes time (a lot of time) and patience to sort through the pictures, pick out the best and then crop and size them.
     - The pages are built and designed by me (Jon) and the sets for the shoots are put together by Vicky and it takes a considerable amount of time to put all of this together.
     - Space and Bandwidth Cost... Lots...  The bigger the site gets and the more MPEG Clips we offer, the higher Our Cost to run the site.

What will you find on this site?

Well, to start, there will be the following sections:

     - T* of the Month.  This section features a New Girl each month, consisting of a minimum of 100, usually 200 or more, All Original Pics, taken Exclusively by Us for TS Lover.  
     - You'll also find MPEG Clips of Our Latest T* of the Month Girls.  These Clips are Hot and they are Very High Quality 352 x 240 x 30 frame per second MPEG's.
     - Vicky's Pics & Clips.  All Vicky's Pics & MPEG Clips are Exclusive to TS Lover, with the exception of a few we'll allow select sites to post as part of their link to us.
     - amateur T*S.  In this section, I'll post pictures sent in by Girls from around the world.  Each girl that's posted receives a complimentary membership to the site.
     - Coming aTraction*S.  This section will contain a few pics of upcoming T*S of the Month in the order their Photoshoot took place, not in the order they'll be featured.
     - T* Links.  Here's where we'll post links to some of our favorite sites and to the sites of Girls who appear in the Amateur T*S Section.


How'd you build this site? 

First of all, my Desktop and Laptop are both from Gateway 2000, as is Vicky's Desktop PC.  We've owned about a � dozen Gateway 2000 PC's over the years and you can't beat their bang for the buck.  My Desktop, where I do most of my work is a Pentium III 800 Mhz with 384 MB RAM (no more waiting for disk swapping;-), a 32 MB nVidia RIVA TNT2 AGP Graphics Adapter, a 21" Monitor (I use 1600 x 1200 x 32 bit), a 20 GB 7200 RPM Boot Drive and a 2nd 34 GB 7200 RPM Drive, a 250 MB Internal IDE Zip Drive (on it's way), a 17x / 40x CD Drive, 2 USB Ports and a 4 Port USB Hub, a 10 / 100 Ethernet Card used for my DSL connection (768 K down / 384 K up) and a slew of other goodies, including Windows 2000 (I run Windows 2000 on my desktop now, as I need the stability... Windows 98 or Windows ME just aren't stable enough).  I tend to work with a lot of software simultaneously: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft FrontPage, Windows Simple FTP, Telnet, 2 or 3 Browsers, Microsoft Outlook Express and assorted other Utilities, so the large amount of RAM makes all the difference in the world.  No more waiting for Disk Swapping (my prior machine only had 64 MB RAM) This machine flys.  I'd recommend Gateway to anyone considering a new PC!  It's faster than I imagined it would be!

Some of the Early Pictures in the sections, This Month's T* and Coming aTraction*S were taken by a photographer with a standard 35mm SLR Camera.  They are then scanned by Vicky and I, using an HP ScanJet 5200C  and cropped and resized using Adobe Photoshop (this is a must have for anyone who does more than casual Image Editing).  Beginning with Vicky's January pictures and T* of the Month Photo Shoots, following Peaches Photo Shoot,  we will be using a Sony Cybershot D700 &/or D770.  These Digital Cameras produce pictures equal or better in quality than using a traditional 35mm SLR Camera and then scanning the images and it takes Type II PC Cards, so you can throw a 128 MB Flash RAM card in it and store up to 160 1344x1024 hi-res JPEGs before you have to take a break and load them to a PC to take more pics.  The thumbnails are created using ThumbsPlus by Cerious Software (a great package that even contains a Web Page Wizard which saves a ton of work).  We also use Alien Skin's Eye Candy and Xenoflex filters for effects, such as the Welcome to TS Lover banner.

Pictures of Vicky for the December opening issue were taken by me, personally, using an Epson PhotoPC 600.  You'll notice that the quality of the pictures aren't quite as crisp as those taken with a traditional 35mm and then scanned, but Vicky prefers that her Photo Shoots  be done in private with just the two of us.  As I mentioned earlier, beginning with Vicky's January Photo Shoot, we're using a Sony DSC-D700 &/or D770 for Vicky's Pictures.  These Digital Cameras produce pictures equal or better in quality than using a traditional 35mm SLR Camera and then scanning the images.  We think you'll agree once you see her January Pictures.  Starting with Set Eight, April 2000's pics, we're including an MPEG Clip of each shoot taken with our new Hitachi ML2.  It takes native MPEG 1 video and has a Type III PC Card Slot, enabling it to store MPEG's on Type III Hard Drives up to 1GB in size.  We bought this to be able to start putting up some video without having to make the large investment required if we were to use a Digital Video Camera. with the Camera itself, Firewire Ports, High End Video Editing Software, etc.  This is a quick way for us to get some video on the site as simple as possible.

If the site does well, we'd like to purchase a Canon Digital Video Camera, the GL1 model, to do the shoots in their Frame Movie mode so that I can capture the stills I want and also put some Original Video on the site.  This is an awesome Digital Video Camera that we've been drooling over for some time now...  Let's see how it goes and we'll make a decision down the road.  April Update:  still not ready to splurge on the Canon Camera, as the sites not quite break even yet.  We'll see how it's doing toward the end of the summer...


With all that said, we hope you enjoy your visit and hope you decide to join.  If you have any suggestions, we genuinely would love to hear them.  You can click on our names to send either of us a note:  Jon - Vicky